Aspen Hill Doodles

                            Goldendoodles with sparkle, from Colorado


Guardian Homes

At Aspen Hill Doodles our breeding dogs live in our home and in permanent Guardian Homes as family members.

Our puppies that live in Guardian Homes will come back to us to have their litters, or to serve as stud dogs. Then they return to their Guardian Homes. When they retire, their ownership is transferred to their Guardians.

Guardian families play an important role in making wonderful, healthy puppies available for others to love and enjoy. Guardian families receive their puppy at a reduced cost and they are compensated for each litter.

Guardian families must live within 5 miles of Lakewood, Colorado. We prefer that they own their home and that there are two adults and no children under the age of 14. They must have a well fenced yard (privacy fence is preferred) and fulfill several other requirements. If this sounds good to you, please request the puppy application, (click here) and indicate on it that you'd like to become a Guardian Home.






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