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Puppies  (updated August, 2014)  

Naiya and Kyle's medium F2B Goldendoodle litter has arrived!

2 days close

They'll be ready to go home in mid-October. There is more information about F2B Goldendoodles on our GOLDENDOODLES page. Pups are beautiful shades of apricot to red in color and will weigh about 30 to 35 pounds. You can see more information about Naiya and Kyle on our PARENT DOGS page. The pups will be beautiful, smart and affectionate.

Our application process and waiting list is now open for this litter.

You may contact us via email to request an application.

Due to high local demand and the relatively small size of this litter, we will only be accepting applications from local families. Thank you for understanding.

Naiya  Kyle

                        Naiya                                                       Kyle


We open up our application process and waiting lists only when we'll have available pups. Our applications are only available when our process is open. The application process and waiting list is now CLOSED. Please do not ask us to retain your information until we open up the application process.


Watch this page for updates!!

We provide an extensive health guarantee and warrantee.

Our puppies are carefully placed primarily as companion animals. We require that they are surgically spayed or neutered before they reach six months of age. If they go to homes outside of the Denver metro area, we do early spay/neuter before they leave us.

We do not ship.

Our visitors policy is described on our VISITORS page.

We reserve the right to cancel any sale and refund any monies paid at any time for any reason.

Click on the button below to review our health guarantee 

Penny's litter

This is Penny's F1 litter from 2005. That's Gucci on the far right (her daddy is Tino).


                Here's a photo of Luna and Tino's medium F1 2007 litter.                   That's Lulu on the far left.


                    This is Luna and Strawberry's standard F1 2008 Litter,           that's Bindi on the far right!


Pups from Gucci and Ximo's mini F1B 2008 litter, that's Botza second on the left!


                          Pups from Deja and Cloudy's medium F1 2009 litter.                                                   That's Gracie on the far right.

Gucci's pups

This is Gucci and Strawberry's medium F1B 2009 Litter

Bindi's litter

                         This is Bindi and Tino's medium F1B 2010 Litter.                                             That's Naiya the darker pup, leaning on Bindi's front leg.

April's litter

This is April's 2011 standard F1Litter sired by an outside stud (standard poodle). That's Phoebe on the far right!


Hallie Pups

This is Hallie's February 2012 standard F1 Litter sired by an outside stud (standard poodle). That's Sunshine lying down next to Hallie!

Gracie's Litter

This is Gracie and Botza's 2012 mini/medium F2B litter.

Naiya pups

This is Naiya's mini F1 Australian Goldendoodle litter born in early 2013. The father is an Australian Labradoodle. That's Casey Bear on the far left, facing the camera.


This is Sunshine & Milo's medium F1B Goldendoodle litter born in 2013. That's Kyle on the far right.


Puppies are available on a limited basis.

We will update availability of litters on this page.



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