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Outside Studs


Occasionally we use outside studs to diversify our lines. We look for dogs who have good health and temperaments and who will compliment our breeding program.










Johnny is a beautiful red small-medium Australian Labradoodle from Desert Winds Labradoodles. He has a gorgeous wavy fleece silky coat. He has lots of energy and loves to wrestle and play with other dogs. He is a friendly, confident, and beautiful boy! He's a perfect match for our Mango!

Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Color: Red
Weight: 25 pounds
Height: 17 inches

Health Clearances:
Hips: Dr. Wallace - Good (preliminary)
Eyes: OFA - Normal
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) - Paw Print Genetics - Clear
Elbows: Dr. Wallace - Normal (preliminary)
Thyroid: CSU - Normal
Heart: - OFA – Normal (preliminary)
vonWillebrand's Disease (vWD) - Paw Print Genetics - Clear
Exercise-Induced Collapse- Paw Print Genetics - Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy- Paw Print Genetics - Clear
Neonatal Encephalopathy - Paw Print Genetics- Clear
Patella: OFA - Normal (preliminary)






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